“John and I continue to be amazed at the transformation in the room, and with my own furniture too! It's so energizing.”
J. Ian, NYC

“Just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did with my living room. It looks like a new apartment. Everything has a place, the bookshelves look amazing, and you were able to highlight all the things I wanted to highlight while still finding a place for everything.”
Mary Sue Lundy, NYC

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. You were always there through the stress of renovating my 1961 bathroom and updating my kitchen. Your detail in every aspect of the job, from designing the perfect concepts to shopping with me, to being my liaison with the vendors…making what could have been a very stressful experience one where I would count on you. I love my new spa-like bathroom and updated kitchen."
Barbara Azar, NYC

“Thanks for everything Sue. We had a lovely evening with friends and showed off our great apt… It's an amazing transformation.”
Jana A., NYC

“Thanks for the great work on laying out my office! It looks terrific.”
Ruth R., 10/10 Optics, NYC

“I appreciate all the time and attention you gave to getting everything exactly right…Thanks again for all your hard work, Sue. I’m very happy with the final results.”
J. Ando, NYC